Bust out the BBQ’s because it is summer time! I love walking the neighborhood at 5:30p.m. with an aroma of the grill filling the night air. And as much as I love the smell of a good BBQ, walking by with my wagon of children, with our puppy dog eyes, longing for food off their grill, it’s much better to participate in the BBQ! We had our ward BBQ/talent show when my mom was in town and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. Hallie has yet to understand that Hunter can get away with crazy faces and it’s still cute…not so cute when your three, and definitely not cute when your 26!

One of the best things of having my mom around – Steve and I weren’t arguing who would have to hold Hunter the whole night. Hunter was pretty fond of her!

That’s right – what is a BBQ without busting out the flip flops!

There was a talent show after the BBQ. I knew I was surrounded by talented people, but the variety of talent I witnessed was amazing, not your average talent show. This kid is in our Sunday School class, 16 years old, he performed an Aztec dance. Wow! He was good. He participates in a group that practices weekly. I loved the way his feathers seemed to float across the stage as he danced around.