While my mom was in town we made a trip to Chicago. We attended the Chicago Kite Festival because most are aware of my fascination with kites. It was at a park right on Lake Michigan, hundreds of kites dotting the sky, just enough wind to keep the kites afloat. There was an area roped off for professional kite fliers, and as much as I wish I could’ve considered myself in that category, I stood off to the side of the orange cones and flew my simple kite. It’s difficult to fly a kite when your surrounded by other kites, more than once we got a little tangled! We talked with a few of the professional fliers…they take their work very seriously, and were not the least bit kind to those who weren’t professional. And although their egos seemed to fly as high as their kites, they were good, they were really good. I couldn’t help but dream someday I would have a “fun” kite, a kite you really have control over…someday.