There is nothing better than spending mother’s day with your mother…and I was just that lucky. My mom has been visiting us for the last little while and unfortunately I had to take her to the airport today, but at least I was with her for part of mother’s day. Just a few things I love about my mom…

…when she comes to visit, I just love it. I wish it was more often, but I understand that’s not possible, so I take it when I can get it!
…how willing she is to feed the kids, especially Hunter which is always more work than it seems worth!
…she’s so easy going- she doesn’t have to be entertained and is content to just hang out
…how she listens to me, she truly listens and it’s focused listening, she’s not running around doing a hundred things while talking to me (which of course I’m guilty of!)
…she’s beautiful- the pictures can attest to that
…she motivates me to do/complete projects I’ve been sitting on for quite a while
…she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to gardening and also canning. It’s seems I’m always calling her for an answer to some question.
…she allows Hallie to wake her up early in the morning so I can sleep longer.
…she snuggles my kids until I pry them out of her hands and force them to go to bed.
…she understands my struggles and weaknesses and is great at helping me without giving advice or being pushy, this is very important for me!

The list could go on and on, but the bottom line is, I couldn’t ask for a better mother, and I love her dearly!
We had a great Sunday- breakfast in bed, church, fabulous lunch, took my mom to the airport, and then a nice little nap. Unfortunately Steve was feeling sick today, so we kept everything low key. Earlier this week, Steve surprised both my mom and I with certificates for massages for Mother’s day which we received on Wednesday. It was really nice. I like massages, I like them a lot. There’s only one down side to massages…they end. I never like it when they end! Hallie and Hunter offered up cards with hand prints and footprints, always a favorite. They’ll go in the file and be pulled out on occasion so I can marvel at how big my babies are getting!

Just a few things I love about motherhood:
The joy of watching my kids accomplish something for the first time.
Teaching Hallie and seeing that she understands it.
Receiving hugs and sweet kisses before she goes to bed.
Knowing my kids depend on me, and it’s important I don’t disappoint them.
Picking Hallie up after playing with her friends and having her run into my arms.
Having Hunter smile his toothless grin as he waits in anticipation for me to get him out of bed.
Listening to Hallie’s explanation on a number of things, she really is like a sponge and remembers a whole lot.
Walking into their rooms late at night and watching them sleep, and at times climbing into bed with Hallie and lying by her side.
Listening to Hallie sing in the car.
Holding Hunter in my arms as he slowly drifts off to his dreamland.

Life is good, really good.