On a recent Scrubs episode there was an acoustic version of “Hey Ya” by Outkast. It was a slower, more calm version. I really liked it and found myself singing it quite often throughout the day. Of course Hallie hears me singing it and with her love of music starts singing around the house as well. I overheard her singing in the kitchen and there was one particular line she got a little confused. The line “Shake it like a Polaroid picture” – was replaced with a more juvenile line: “Shake it like a polar bear and pinch her”. I died laughing in the other room.

And although I found the situation quite funny, what ended up being more amusing was telling my brother the story (who will remain nameless). He shared with me he just recently realized what the lyrics were- before he thought it said “Shake it like a polliwog dancer…” A polliwog dancer…seriously!? I was laughing even harder than the polar bear version. It’s still a toss up which one I’m going to sing in the shower tomorrow, polar bear…polliwog, I love them both! (For those that don’t know what a polliwog is clearly didn’t spend enough time next to puddles and irrigation ditches!)