9 month stats:
17 lbs 10 oz
28.5 inches long

Hunter is quite the active guy lately- this is what he’s been up to:
Crawling everywhere.
Pulling himself up on anything and everything and walking along it.
Plays in the bathroom any chance he gets.
He’s really liking table foods lately, lasagna was a hit!
Still fits in his infant carseat and I dread the day he doesn’t fit.
Surprisingly enjoys playing the grass.
Transitioned from bottle to sippy cup without any hiccups.
Started the momma/dadda babbling.
Enjoys the sound of his voice and loves high pitch screams.
Follows me around the house.
Spent his first night away from both parents – we’re prepping him for when we leave him for a longer time in August!
Gets up at the crack of dawn, 5:15-5:30 and is bright eyed and ready to play.
Still fights napping, sometimes he ends of crying himself to sleep.
Enjoys wagon rides with his sister.
Got his first ear infection – which is never fun.
He loves, loves, loves (yes I used the word three times to paint a picture!) standing next to the door and watching his sister run around the yard.
Experienced the trampoline for the first time. His balance wasn’t great but we’re confident he’ll get the hang of it. 🙂

Here’s to our little man who is growing up so fast