You have not lived until you’ve attended a Milwaukee Fish Fry. When we moved to Milwaukee three years ago we were amazed at the number of fish frys held every Friday night. We saw advertisements for them everywhere. But for the sake of despising fish, we never made it a priority to attend one. We had some friends invite us out with a large group of people to a fish fry downtown held in an old brewery. It was a large banquet sized room with several long rectangular tables as well as round tables. There were no decorations, nothing fancy, vinyl tablecloths. There was a makeshift dance floor towards the front of the room that kept the kids entertained for the majority of the evening. There was a stage with a polka bad – i.e. a man playing the accordian and another on the drums! They were good. My grandpa played the accordian, so I knew most the songs that were played and it took me back ten years. If I were to shut my eyes I really thought I was sitting in my grandparents living room while my grandpa played and played, the music filling the room. It was fun, and I loved watching Hallie dance back and forth across the floor. The food was okay…fried fish, what do you expect. It’s not as though they have a whole menu of items. They just open on Fridays for the fry. They did have a great maple root beer. It had a subtle taste, very good.

It was fun…I would recommend everyone attend at least one fish fry and from what I hear the Lake Front Brewery is a good one, it’s an experience you won’t quickly forget.