What Hallie loves about her daddy:
He jumps with me on the trampoline.
We eat breakfast together and he lets me open the oatmeal.
He sings me songs at night.
He takes me to swim lessons.
He shares his ice cream with me.
He lets me help him pack his lunch in the mornings.
We do puzzles together.
What I love about my daddy:
He loves the gospel- and always strives to live it.
He’s never met a stranger, he’s friends with everyone.
He loves his grandkids, and they love him.
He’s hardworking and loyal.
He seems to know a heck of a lot about cars and I always feel like I’m calling for some advice regarding questions with my car.
He talks with me and listens.
He teaches me- about everything.
He tries hard not to laugh at my hilarious jokes, but I catch him laughing on the inside and I love it!

To all the father’s out there: I appreciate all you do, I know it’s not easy to take on the responsibility of providing/raising a family. Your hard work does not go unnoticed! Happy Father’s Day!