Hallie participated in a Preschool group that rotated to different houses every week. This was the highlight of her week (next to Primary). She loved gathering her backpack, filling it with her show and tell items and asking non-stop if it was time to go to preschool. They learned a different letter every week and our ride home was her telling me about everything under the sun. She would tell me about the letter, the songs they sang, the snacks they had, who she played with, etc, etc. 

She loved it. She would see her “schoolmates” at church, or their parents and get so excited, tugging at my skirt telling me that she just saw Sadie’s mom. Preschool was a win-win. I was able to spend a little more time with Hunter/running errands/working and Hallie was more than happy to be with her friends. The sad day arrived when many of her classmates were preparing to move away from Milwaukee so preschool had to come to an end which was a hard concept to grasp for a three year old. We held a small graduation party with the kids and their parents and said our goodbyes. 
A week later Hallie asked when she could see her friends at preschool again- summer seems like an eternity to a child! And although she loved every second…jury is still out as to what we’ll put her in in the fall!