He’s 10 months already…

he’s learning all sorts of new tricks and picking up bad habits!
He loves to eat dirt. We’ve had to relocate our house plants because his little fingers dig in the dirt and then he puts them into his mouth.

He’s still in his infant car seat. I was totally ready to make the switch. I put his convertible seat in the car, and got it all ready to go. And then I thought who am I kidding, I absolutely love the convenience of being able to carry him around in his seat. So I took his convertible seat back out of the car. My goal is this week. Bite the bullet. Make the transition.

He climbs up on everything, he’s not a fan of walking while holding my hand, but he loves to walk along furniture.

He is a great eater, and eats most everything we eat.

He’s still breastfeeding, but takes a sippy cup of 2% milk (with permission from the pediatrician) in the afternoon. I’ve got about four weeks until he needs to be weened completely.

He loves the grass, and has no problem crawling around in it.

He loves bath time, loves to splash.

He loves the fridge magnets; the leapfrog farm and fridge phonics.

Loves to stand against the mirror and dance.

Loves to wave, anytime we say “hi” he waves.

Still way to small to wear 6-12 pants- 3-6 shorts are still a little big. Just a tiny little waist.

Loves to jump in his crib and to play in the toilet.

Really fights nap time, really.

Went on his first boat ride, and first camping trip.

He love to make this face. All the time. He looks like an old man.