Those that know Steve, know that he is far too good to me. He is great at “creating experiences” and he never fails to impress. Most recently he approached me and informed me we would be spending the weekend in Chicago…with no kids. Immediately my mind kicks into problem solving mode. What are we going to do with the kids, Hunter is still nursing, we’re going on another vacation in no time…do we really need to go to Chicago? Of course Steve knows this is who I am so he makes sure to have all my questions prior to posing the idea. He had already arranged the babysitter and walked me through the whole idea. I had never left Hunter so of course I was hesitant but we went forward with it and I’m so glad we did.

We had our friends (who don’t have any children) come watch our kids and they are fantastic, it was the whole reason why I was okay to leave them, I knew they would be awesome and have so much fun.

Steve and I drove down to Chicago- stopped to do some shopping, hit a terrible storm…terrible. Tornadoes touching done, water covering the roads, stalled cars, rain pelting down. We waited it out for almost an hour in a convenience store. We got back in the car and it was still miserable but we just wanted to get there.

We pricelined a hotel downtown and got a smokin’ deal which made our stay even more enjoyable. We met up with some friends for lunch. They took us to a fun little pizza place where the pizza was delicious. We walked around, went to Millenium park and enjoyed the fact that we didn’t have a kid pulling on our shirt the whole time, or pushing a stroller up and down the mile. We’ve been to Chicago multiple times for various things but this was by far the best. It is such a fun city with so much to do and explore, we’re lucky to live so close.

The trip was a success. So often you get married and have kids and you forget how much fun you had when it was just the two of you. We have a lot of fun together and this weekend was no exception, I’m quite fond of him!

We made it back Saturday night just in time to hold and snuggle the kids before putting them down to bed. And it felt good to hold them again. Of course I could’ve been gone a little longer and it would’ve still been okay, I guess it’s just gearing us up for when we leave them for a week in a couple of weeks!

A big thank you to Phil and Tiffany for taking such good care of our kids…because they don’t have kids yet they don’t understand what a wonderful gift that was- hopefully we’ll be able to repay the favor to them or somebody else.