Wow, I am really late in posting this…better late than never.

After our first every family campout we drove home, cleaned up, made peanut butter cookie sandwhiches, and headed out for some 4th of July fun.

Hallie was able to participate in a bean bag toss (in which she was amazing!)…

An egg race which she did surprisingly well, until the very end where she was handing off the egg and she dropped it. She picked it up and dropped it again, picked it up and one last time dropped it- third time’s a charm and the egg was finished.
A sidewalk chalk name drawing contest – which was her first year being able to write her name by herself. Sparklers, sparklers and more sparklers. Man this girl likes fire. After a great camping trip and an enjoyable Independence Day – we were exhausted. Both kids out cold on the car ride home and Steve and I weren’t too far behind them. We came home to a disaster of a house, camping stuff everywhere and a cookie mess in the kitchen but that wasn’t enough to keep us awake, we were asleep minutes from walking in the door. It was a good holiday.