Our good friends have the opportunity to babysit their parents boat for the summer…it’s been awesome. Steve gets giddy when he knows it’s a boat day, he can’t wipe the grin off his face most the time. We went out early on a Saturday morning and had a great time- Thanks Jared and Leslie!Steve catching some air
Jared with a sweet grab.
Leslie- Yes, she got off the water. Steve kept reminding me to watch her to see how to do it. I was lucky enough to get up on the board, there was no way I wanted to get off the water!
Leslie and Jack : Jack is just a few months younger than Hunter and the two little boys were champs on the boat. Jack is proof!
This last picture is obviously not like the others – no I’m not grabbing the board, or even getting off the water, in fact this is me just barely coming out of the water…wait just a few seconds and I would be back in the water! Just wanted proof that I did it!