Steve had a birthday- so we had a birthday celebration…80’s style. We requested that everyone come dressed in an 80’s themed outfit and we were fully prepared to be the only one’s who dressed up. Boy were we surprised with each couple who walked through the door all decked out-seriously impressed with all the effort. There were some great details, including this bad boy:

I don’t know about you, but I had so many of these keychains and they were so cool and so versatile. Hang it on your belt, your jacket zipper, or your backpack. Make one to go with every outfit. Accessories were so much cheaper in the 80’s.
Linda was rocking out with some serious bangs. Teased, hairsprayed, teased, hairsprayed. Wave it. There were side ponytails, ratted hair, crimped hair and a whole lot of hairspray.

We had a whole lot of cassettes. A lot of them. Spray painted bright fun colors and hung everywhere.

Adam and Laura – Most AuthenticJared & Leslie – Most FlirtatiousPhil & Tiffany – Most Rockin’Mark & Tricia – Most “Saved by the Bell”Adam & Danielle – Most CheesyRicki & Katie – Most PlaidMike & Linda – Most Biker-esqueDave & Teneal – Most RisqueDavid & Jodee – Most DenimMike & Jessica – Most Jazzer-liciousSteve and Tamera – Most Hairy
We rocked out to 80’s music, ate pop rocks, fun dip and airheads. Played twister and raced through the first level of Super Mario Brothers, the original. We had such a good time and we’re so glad everyone got into it. Until next year…