I have to go to the doctor today to get a shot before we leave next week. I was explaining to Hallie that we needed to get ready to go to the doctor.

Kara: Hurry Hallie we need to get ready to go to the doctor
Hallie: For Hunter
Kara: No
Hallie: For me? (getting a little excited)
Kara: No, it’s for me.
Hallie: Mom, you’re going to have to take your pants off right?
Kara: (Trying my darndest not to bust a gut. Remembering that Hallie has only gone to the doctor with me when I was pregnant with Hunter, so of course she remembers me taking off my pants) No, I don’t have to take off my pants, I only did that when I was pregnant. I just need to get a shot today
Hallie: So the doctor isn’t going to look at your bum today? (sounding slightly disappointed, and I’m not sure why!!)
Kara: Nope, not today
Hallie: Oh man- lets go get you a shot.