Hunter is one year old. Already. So quick.

We had a birthday cake shoot yesterday to celebrate and to say that Hunter absolutely loved the cake would be an understatement. At first he used the candle as a spoon and fed himself the frosting. He then got to the cake and he got a little messy. This mess is 100% Hunter. We didn’t touch it, or smear it, Hunter did. He ate for about 15 minutes and then you could tell he was getting bored because he started to try and crawl around. Hence the handprints of frosting.

At one year…
Has absolutely no interest in walking. He doesn’t even like to stand up holding our hands.

Goes up and down all stairs. His new favorite trick is going really fast down the stairs and then laughing at the bottom.

Loved having the attention of a grandma and a nana for a whole week. (did surprisingly well while we were gone)

Loves bagels and eats one every day.

Starting to really like the toy idea, especially his cars.

Likes to say daddy much more than mommy. I’m working on him though!

Went to Nauvoo and although he didn’t sleep well, he was a champ for all the tours.

Loves when daddy gets home. Hallie always makes a big deal when dad comes home and Hunter is totally picking up on it. It’s cute.

He has great wings in the back of his hair and I don’t have the guts to cut them off yet, I really like them!

He has a couple teeth now, two on the bottom with another coming through and four on top.

Nothing calms him better than a sippy cup of milk.

He still really loves his pacifier and I’m not ready to take it away, but I think we just might have to do it.

Has a love/hate relationship with Hallie already. For the most part he really loves and adores her, but she’s pretty rough with him and makes him cry multiple times in the day. Steve and I can’t wait for him to start walking just so he has a better chance of getting away from her.

He really likes piano music its the next best thing to a sippy cup of milk.

Really enjoys throwing a tantrum and does it frequently. He throws his body backwards as hard as he can, and then cries because it hurts. Pretty soon he’ll start to see the correlation.

He just keeps getting older. He makes us laugh every day.

We love you Hunter.