This evening after we put Hunter to bed, Hallie requested both Steve and I go jump with her on the trampoline, which we frequently do after dinner.

So we jumped and jumped and jumped. The sun started to set, the stars started to appear. We played “fireball”, “duck, duck, goose”, performed “tricks” we were having a good time, but it was getting late. Steve suggested we go inside and get her ready for bed. But lying on the trampoline, watching new stars appear every minute, enjoying the absolutely beautifully perfect weather I couldn’t break away from the moment. I disregarded the thought of how awful Hallie would go to bed if we waited any longer and I suggested we stay out just a bit longer. Besides, summer is only so long, and Hallie is young for such a short time. So we jumped some more and played more games. As it got really dark we told Hallie stories of us as children spending nights on the trampoline. We sang songs as we lay admiring stars. It was wonderful. It was the kind of night you want to bottle up and save forever. I like those nights.

Hopefully I can remind Hallie when she’s older, that at one point in her life spending the perfect night jumping on the trampoline was all she needed!