While we were in Peru we had both of our moms come out and watch the kids. We originally planned on just one of them, realizing our two kids were probably more than either one could handle by themselves for over a week we had both come out. And both Hallie and Hunter as well as our moms were happy about the situation. Steve’s mom and my mom get along great…many of our friends were skeptical as we told them the arrangement prior to our trip. I guess we lucked out to have mothers than would enjoy a week together. Two grandmas to spoil, Hallie was in heaven and got more attention than she could’ve ever dreamed about…this led to serious repercussions that we’re still dealing with!What was great was a week after both grandmas had gone home I ran into someone in the store and was talking about our trip. They asked if Hallie and Hunter came. Right on cue, Hallie says, “No, I had grandma and grandma watch me.” They lady gave me a slightly confused look when I realized she was taking the phrase “grandma and grandma” to mean “I have two mommies.” I chuckled and debated whether I break the awkward silence and confirm that I have two mommies and make the awkward silence even worse, or calm her fears and differentiate between Hallie’s grandma and her nana. Inner struggle…my better judgment won and I explained Hallie’s innocent phrase. The lady got a good laugh out of it.We couldn’t have picked better and more seasoned babysitters than our mothers. We’re glad they were both able to make it out and to get to know our children and their oddities just a little bit better! Thanks a million Grandma and Nana.