(Our Street)

Last week I was driving and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful and vibrant foliage that surrounded me. There was a slight breeze, and as I was sitting at a stop light this bright yellow leaf started to sway back and forth as it fell to the ground right in front of me. There were no visible trees by the intersection, so I’m not sure where it came from but I loved it. I loved the “light as a feather” motion it took and as it made its descent. I love fall. And as I watched this leaf, I had an uneasy feeling, knowing that one by one those leaves were dropping. And before long the streets would be covered. And don’t you know I drove to church this morning and saw very few leaves on the trees. Too few. Can’t they stay on their permanently? I makes me sad to see the dried up brown leaves covering the flower beds. A flower bed that once carried so much color, trees once full with life and color. Now brown and dead.

So color…I say goodbye. Please visit me again soon. Really soon. Please don’t wait until April to make your appearance. March would be nice. February would be even better. I’ll miss you.