This is so long past due its quite embarrassing. I have had the hardest time keeping up with all the photos and all the events lately, but I want these included in my year end book.

Before we went to Peru, Steve’s parents came out for a visit. His dad went home, my mom came out, both of our moms watched the kids while we toured Peru, and my mom stayed a couple days after we got home. The kids were more than happy/spoiled. And they were loving life. Yet reality has to set in at some point…when my mom left. It was then that the kids realized how much cooler staying with your grandparents is! We love having visitors here.

Hallie loves when her grandmas visit. She reads every book on the shelf 3 or 4 times, she plays games (guess who) multiple times and never tires, she plays ball (swinging until her arms tire), she shows them how fast she can ride around our circle, she stays up later, eats more treats, and the thing she requires most…she gets plenty of attention.

Hunter just loved having four loving arms to hold him at the drop of a hat and comfort his every need. Clearly far from his reality…

It’s after visits like this that we wish we could live closer to our parents. Knowing that isn’t a possibility right now we enjoy every opportunity we get to see them.