Hallie goes to Preschool one day a week which rotates to different friends homes, including our own. This is her/our highlight of the week. SHE LOVES IT. Not only does she get to spend time with friends, but she gets to work on her letters which she is more than passionate about. When she gets home from school she spends the next hour or two doing her “homework” which consists of her writing all of her letters and name on paper, and then cutting it up into the smallest possible pieces. Real nice.

What I love is her conversations with Hunter about her school and how much fun she had. She always concludes with, “Hunter when you’re a big boy you can go to school too, but you’re a baby now.” Never fails.
I love that she loves school. Reminds me of myself when I was little.
I love that she practices her name on every possible piece of paper she can find.
I love that she’s enthralled with learning how to read, and she’s doing quite well with it.
I love that she loves to learn. Hopefully that quality will last past Kindergarten.