Seeing as though Hunter survived a year without Hallie killing him or severely hurting him…we thought it was cause for a celebration. So that we did!

We had a Seuss themed party – he begged me for a transformer party, but I convinced him that Transformers would be out of style before long, whereas Seuss is classic, it’s here to stay. (The joy of having a one year old is you can spin it anyway you’d like!) 
We had his closest friends and playmates (i.e. Hallie’s friends, and our friends) for a beautiful afternoon outside. 
As we were cleaning up after everyone left I stated that Hunter would remember this party as his favorite for years to come…Steve laughs and tells me, “we all know the party wasn’t really for him.” It’s true I confess. I saw summer quickly slipping from my grasp and the only thing that was going to make me feel better about it was to have one last lawn party before the chairs get stored in the garage, the trampoline gets taken down, and we say goodbye to our beautiful green grass. It was more of a goodbye summer party with a little birthday action thrown in. I hope Hunter understands!