A couple of months ago while we were in Idaho, Steve came out for a four day visit. It just so happen that Hunter started to walk the day before Steve had to return home. Good timing. 

He had been walking along things forever, and had even started to climb up things, but lacked the interest to walk anywhere. I’m sure Hallie knocking him down every time he stood up in the middle of the room was a large factor. Who knows!

But he started walking, and a week later he started running. And now that little guy is everywhere and he thinks he’s so big. I love the look he gives me when he staands up in the middle of a room, looks around for a second and then makes a run for it.

Funny kid.

I like this new found talent. I like that I can set him on his feet in the middle of a room and he can get to wherever he needs to by himself. The only thing I don’t like is the climbing. More times than not I will walk into a room and he’s sitting on the kitchen table, crawling around on the counters, or sitting on my computer desk. He’s a crack up!