In a not so distant past, my husband and I packed up all our belongings and moved to the midwest. Upon our arrival we purchased our home and started some serious renovations. In an effort to also furnish the home we scoured craigslist to fill our home with mismatched furniture. However, there was one piece of furniture I wanted to purchase. I wanted this desk:

Before Hallie was born I found one section for a great deal and used it in our nursery. I knew the day that I bought that piece, that I would one day buy the rest to make a desk.  So when we got our home situated I couldn’t stop thinking about the desk. However, there was one thing I didn’t like about it – it was so expensive, especially on the little money that we made. I consider myself to be quite advanced in working around obstacles to get my way, but I knew with every fiber of my being that Steve would reject the idea of buying this desk. So plan B: get a job with Pottery Barn. I’m sure Steve was also against this idea, but knew how much I wanted this. So I applied for a seasonal position.

At the end of my seasonal position- I owned my desk (and a whole lot more) and I couldn’t be happier about it. But for Steve it was time to be done. It took every Saturday and another night during the week and Hallie was young so as much as I wanted to stay on I was through.

A couple months later I was wanting to purchase a table and chairs for Hallie at Pottery Barn kids. Realizing their prices are more than ridiculous, I decided to get a seasonal job so I could purchase the table. Once again with a slight argument from Steve, I got a job. I worked much less and got the same discount. I was in heaven. The seasonal position came and went and they kept me on…So I worked Saturdays. Some day shifts, some night shifts. nothing more than 4 hours. I loved it but it got a little old for Steve.

two years went by, we had Hunter and I was on a three month maternity leave. Steve once again reluctant for me to go back, but I worked it out with the manager to work only the second and fourth Saturday from 6-9:30. I couldn’t have asked for a better gig. So I worked those shifts for the last year.

However, some good things must come to an end. We were told our store was closing due to lease issues at the beginning of December. Our doors shut on January 17. Admittedly this was really hard for me. I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal, but it was.

I was sad to lose my friendships with co-workers.
I would miss working with customers and spending their money.
I would miss working. I really enjoyed the work there. I believe in the product and use it.
I would definitely miss the discount. We all know they’re overpriced!
I would miss the relationship I had with my boss. My kids adored her and loved going in to see her.
I would miss taking the kids to storytime.

Funny to say, that store became a large part of our lives, and I wasn’t quite ready to be done. Of course I’ve taken full advantage of the discount and have more than enough to show for my time with the company. I love the furniture we have from them, the decorations, the holiday stuff. Everything.

I worked the night before the store closed and it was hard to see the store so empty and lifeless.

And so I must close this chapter of my life. I’m done. Good bye good deals…I will actually go as far as to call them fantastic deals. One advantage of working there was so crazy good deals right before they closed. I went out in style! I’ve got Christmas for a couple years in the storage room! 🙂

Goodbye Pottery Barn Kids…
until I need another piece of furniture! (Steve would kill me at the thought of me getting another job at Pottery Barn to get a good deal on a piece of furniture. The amount we spend on everything else because they’re such “good deals” we could pay for the furniture at full price!!)