I left the house for sam’s club this morning at 6:50. (I needed to get back before Steve had to leave for work) and as I was driving down the street, I had this giddy feeling of anticipation for Spring. The sun was so bright, the roads were clear of snow, and if I didn’t have the radio host telling me it was 22 degrees, I would’ve thought it was much warmer.

I can’t describe how good it was to see the sun.

I think I had butterflies for a few seconds.

Oh, what a good feeling. It energized me this morning. I was a cleaning/organizing fool. I couldn’t be stopped. In fact I got a little warm while I was working in the house and I changed to a short sleeved shirt. I ran outside to remove the trash, (still in my short sleeve shirt) and it felt warm. It felt good. I haven’t felt the warmth of the sun in such a long time. I can’t stop smiling just thinking about it!

I checked the temperature when I came in…34 degrees. How can 34 degrees feel good? Warm even? It’s official. I’ve become acclimated to Wisconsin- it’s in my blood. 34 degrees feels so good. Really good. I just hope it stays.

Please stay.