Disney on Ice came to Milwaukee a couple weekends ago. We didn’t have any plans to go, and an hour and a half before the show started, Steve suggested we go downtown and try to get tickets. I wasn’t a fan of this idea. I didn’t want to get all the kids ready, with the possibility of not getting in. But Steve was persistent. So we went. We got tickets. Got the kids situated in their seats.

Hallie had no clue what we were doing. She saw plenty of little girls dressed in their princess attire, magic wands, and sparkly tiaras (of course we don’t own anything like this!) and Hallie was in awe. Steve was one of very few fathers in attendance and Hunter was also outnumbered.

Hallie loved the show. (Although she’s not real big into princesses, never has been. She didn’t know a few of the princesses featured, but loved it all the same!)  I enjoyed the show. Steve enjoyed the show until he had to step out towards the end to calm Hunter down. Hunter liked it for a little while but lost interest quickly. He was constantly reaching forward to try and pull the crown off the girl in front of us!

It was a fan family outing.
Note to self: It would be a better family outing if the youngest family member was with a babysitter.