The other day I went to get the mail and was surprised to find a hand written note on one of our pieces of junk mail.
In case you can’t read it…All snowfall must be removed within 24 hours of falling.

I was shocked.

I marched right back outside to look at our driveway. And as I suspected – there were no piles of snow on our driveway…there was a dusting in one area where the snow had blown across the driveway the day before! Still there was a completely clear large path all the way to our doorway. I was speechless. I took a quick survey around our neighborhood and found only two homes…two homes with better cleared driveways – just our retired neighbors!

The thought crossed my mind…if she took time to write a letter to me, she surely did the same for all of my delinquent neighbors. That had to take some time. Perhaps she needs more houses to deliver mail to.

She’s a very attentive mail lady. So attentive, that we had a piece of mail delivered to our house for one of our friends, as they were in the process of moving from the area. She kindly knocked on the door and as I answered the door she held up a piece of mail which clearly had our friends names on it. She asked me if they lived with us. I told her that the husband lived with us a short while after his family already moved. She asked again if they lived with us currently. I explained that they had to use our address as they were expecting some important mail and they were in between homes. As I went to grab the piece of mail from her hand, she quickly pulled it away and stated. “If they don’t live here, then they shouldn’t have mail delivered here.” She put it back in her bag.

She wouldn’t give it to me. Crazy. I know. She takes her job very seriously.

So it didn’t surprise me to have a little love note from her on our weekly Netflix advertisment about the snowfall. Perhaps we should give her a better Christmas gift next year. Cookies just isn’t cutting it. Perhaps a nice loaf of bread will do.