Hallie is almost 4 1/2 years old and from most the comments she makes, you can see she’s full of spunk!

Gets up extremely early, and attends seminary every morning.

Demands that dad makes her Mickey Mouse chocolate chip pancakes EVERY Saturday morning.

Loves a good game of memory. (Her aunt made her a fantastic cousin memory game that happens to be her new favorite!)

She’s learning to read and loves to show off her mad skills. She can fully read the first BOB series, and sounds out words all the time.

Asks multiple times a week when the trampoline is going to go back up.

Dresses up every day, and loves it.

Is the best mommy to all her babies (including Hunter, who the majority of time doesn’t want to be one of her babies!)

Loves to sing and spends a lot of time at the piano.

She’s loud. She walks loud, talks loud…everything loud.

Loves to tell a story. She starts by saying, “Mom, I’ve got a good story.” She then proceeds to tell me a very detailed, true story about one thing or another. She tells me the same story over and over again.

Everything was “When I was three years old”. We pulled up to a friends house and she got so excited, “I haven’t been here since I was like three years old, now I get to go when I’m four years old.” (Which she was exactly right, she hadn’t been there since she was three!) Or when she over hear’s a story about her and then asks, “Was that when I was two or three?”

She has the best memory. We’ve got to be careful what we say to her because she will remember. We won’t. She will. It’s burned me multiple times.

Spends hours a day, coloring, cutting and gluing some type of “homework”.

Loves her friends. All of them. And points them all out quite loudly during church.

She’s manipulative, I’m not sure where she gets this from.

She’s the best big sister. She is always really concerned that he’s safe and happy. It’s great.