Hunter is almost a year and a half:

He cries a lot. A lot. Usually over nothing. Sometimes over something. He spends a large portion of the time he’s awake crying or whining.

He likes to throw fits. Big ones. It doesn’t matter where he’s at; on the tile floor, hardwood floor, against the wall, sitting on a stool; when he gets mad he throws back his head as hard as he can until it makes contact with some surface. He then cries even more from the pain.

He loves to sing. I often see him sitting on the floor with a hymnbook just singing to his little heart’s content.

He’s a little cuddle bug. So different than Hallie.

He’s not super talkative, he says words but doesn’t use them to communicate. Unless he’s in his bed in the morning. Mommy? Daddy?

He’s a good eater. Loves food.

He loves putting his coat on. He will walk around the house all the time with his coat on.

He loves socks and shoes. Wherever he is in the house, when I say, “Hunter lets get your shoes on” he comes running.

He plays well with Hallie, until Hallie forces him to do something he doesn’t want to do and then he throws a big fit.

1:00 o’clock church has been a nightmare with him, we take him to nursery on a regular basis just to keep him occupied. I’m counting down the four weeks until Steve and I don’t have to stay in there with him.

He’s not the best sleeper, which I think directly correlates with his crying and fits. He’s tired, a lot, but doesn’t get a whole lot of rest during the day.

He loves Hallie’s babies. He holds them and rocks them all the time.

When you get him giggling he can’t stop, he has a contagious laugh.

He gets into everything and he’s a climber. I’ve found multiple items including electronics in the toilet and bathtub (with water). One time he took the contents of an entire drawer and put them in the bathtub. He’s been in timeout multiple times!

He loves music, especially black eyed peas. He likes to rock it!

He loves to be “reverent”. When he hears us say that word, he folds his arms. To which we excitedly give him praises. To which he responds by covering his eyes. Which starts a peekaboo game. It happens multiple times a day.

He loves skype. When he hears that ring on the computer he gets so excited and insists on being directly in front of the camera.

He loves when daddy comes home from work.