I spend a lot of time at my desk in any given week. I try and do most my work at night while the kids are sleeping – but ultimately end up at my desk during the day as well; talking to family on skype, paying bills, reading the news…and a number of other random things. While I’m at the desk, it seems as though the kids bring me everything under the sun.

Just tonight we were talking with my brother and sister-in-law, and Steve started naming some of the random things that have ended up on the desk this week. Just to name a few:

Seasons 1-7 Gilmore girls
Hallie’s BOB reading books
Bag of balloons
Box of crackers
Rubber Mallett
Color Code book
Newspaper ad
Sight word flash Cards
Annual Report Proofs for hospital
Hallie’s broken watch
Battery Charger
Orange vinyl fabric
Glitter glue
Sock cop
Colored pencils
Air freshener

It seems as though no matter how many times I clean the desk off, every week there is a wide assortment of items, none of which belong there. But they like to collect there. It’s their second home.