We made our annual trip to Arizona, and boy did we enjoy ourselves. We arranged our trip to coincide with Steve’s parents being home, and his sister visiting from Utah as well. So in all we were able to see 5 siblings, parents, a few aunts uncles and cousins, and a handful of friends. We were only in town for 5 days, so we had to really pack it in to make sure we got everything checked off the list. By the end of day two, we were exhausted, flat out exhausted.

Here are some of the highlights:
Adult dinner the first night with Steve’s siblings and parents
Visits with each sibling individually
Time with Nana and Papa
Beautiful weather
Guys golfing outing
Lunch gathering for the girls at a cute, trendy market
Dinner with friends at a fantastic italian place
A little pool time
Football with the family
Sunshine, and more sunshine
Birthday party for a niece and nephew
Large cousin gathering
Hallie learning to play Sorry from Nana
Haircut and conversation with Steve’s sister
Hunter playing outside all day long
Mesa Frozen Yogurt (so yummy!)
Family night pizza party
Morning at the park with Shawni
Hallie’s afternoon with Knox

Just a few lowlights:
It’s official – our children do not cross timezones well. At all. No matter what time they go to bed, they’re up waaaayyyy too early. I don’t get it. It makes traveling not fun!

On our flight to Arizona, I got up before taking off to change Hunter, when I came back to the seat to sit down the lady behind me in the most annoyed voice says to the guy next to her, “Had I known there was a child sitting right there, I wouldn’t have picked this seat. They’re so loud and annoying. I just really wish they could contain them all in one area, don’t let them sit wherever they want. A special section on each plane.” My mouth dropped open. What are we, cattle? The nerve. Steve and I gave each other the look, we were speechless. Mean thoughts started to swell within my head. I hope some kid throws up in her lap. I hope they lose her luggage. I hope she gets a crink in her neck from being so stiff!!

Due to the lack of sleep, and long days in the sun our kids were a little crabby at times and a tad bit emotional. Especially Hunter, he threw himself on the ground countless times each day.

Our flight home was a doozy. Hunter was upset the first half of the trip, and Hallie finished with a strong show in the end. There was a kid throwing up before we got on the plane, and a little girl directly in front of us on the plane throwing up as well. That alone makes me ache for those poor parents. The kids were really tired and they were done traveling. We had pulled out all the tricks from our goody bag, and they just weren’t enough!

Early, early mornings.

Luckily, the good outweighed the bad by a long shot. We only wish we could’ve stayed longer. Perhaps, space everything out a little bit so we weren’t quite so tired every night. But it was so worth it. It was worth every tantrum that Hunter threw and every ounce of sass that Hallie dished out. Until next year…