Today was a beautiful day.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.

So beautiful I forgot it was spring in Milwaukee.

It was 81 degrees. The average temperature for this time of year is 45.

We jumped on the trampoline. Rode bikes. Wagon rides. Sat in the grass.

Oh, how I hope it stays. But I have this gut feeling that we haven’t seen the end of the snow. Our second Easter here, it snowed a lot. It made for a fairly boring Easter egg hunt. Nothing stands out on white snow more than a bright colored egg!

But this year is going to be different. We’ll be in the high 50’s. It’ll be sweet and wonderful.

I love warm weather. I love when Hunter throws the fit of the century because he has to go inside. I love that Hallie insists that I watch every single trick on the trampoline. I love the older neighbors who come to tell us how much our kids have grown over the winter.

I can get used to this.