Okay, seriously, Hallie has been funny lately.

I pulled a shirt out of a box of larger sized clothes, so Hallie was wearing it for the first time. I was admiring the shirt from across the room because it was a cute fit/print on her.

Kara: “Do you like your new shirt?”
Hallie: Smiling, “Yep.”
Kara: “Are you comfortable in it?” (I ask this because I will put clothes on her, she’ll say she likes it and minutes later it’s on the floor because something was itching or scratching)
Hallie: “Not really, I’m not comfortable in it because it’s not covering my arms.”
Kara: Thinking my child is overly modest, “Why do you need your arms covered?”
Hallie: Because that’s what we do, it’s cold here.

It’s 74 degrees today. She’s just used to it always being cold!