I think anyone with children understands how difficult and frustrating it can be when your children act up in public. It’s embarrassing to say the least. But children are children, with minds and mouths of their own. And no matter how we train them at home there is always going to be the squabble and crying in public. I myself, have been the brunt of many rude looks and comments as I manage my children, in the store, on the plane, in the airport…the list could go on and on. In fact, our last plane ride just weeks ago, we had a lady who had no desire to be near a child on a plane, in fact, all children should be corralled into one location on a plane. Steve shot her a dirty look.

So you can imagine when I heard the following story from my good friend Amy. I could relate. I was shocked. I was angry for her. Who do people think they are? I’m sure you’ll agree…

Today I was at the post office.

I was in there 45 minutes…longer than anticipated, but hey, it happens, right?

The first 30 minutes my kids were super.

The last 15, are 15 minutes I’d like to never ever relive.

Olivia was crying. She was tired & there wasn’t a darn thing I could do about it, but try to hurry & finish my packaging & be on my way.

I had determined before entering the post office that I was going to be a ‘happy mom.’ I get so tried of the old tired cliches of mean moms, tired moms, moms who look beat up & like they hate life. I am not that mom and I determined I was not going to fall into that trap…because lets be honest, it’s easy to do that.

I had a few customers share kind words with my children. One big, tall & young black guy took pity on me in a kind way, saying, ‘I feel for ya…really I do.’ I laughed & told him ‘yeah its a bummer this is taking longer than I expected, but no big deal…there are worse things in life than having to refold 450 things so they fit in the box while at the post office with 2 kids.’ He laughed & I laughed & then thought he must be a pretty cool guy.

But then. Then it turn a big fat turn for the worse.

There is a postal worker at this particular post office that must not like children. In fact, every time I am there with my children {which is every time} he has a snide remark, an eye roll or a big sigh. Well today, he had more, much more for me.

While he was helping a customer he announced in front of the entire line of 15 or so people that I need to control the noise. The noise?

That would be my crying 1-year-old.

I about died. Then re-grouped & promptly stood up for myself & asked him precisely what he’d like me to do.

He said to put something in her mouth so she’d be quiet.

Like a muzzle? I replied.

He said he didn’t care what I did, but that if I couldn’t control the noise then I needed to go outside.

Instead of bawling, like I really wanted to. I shrugged my shoulders & said, ‘well actually, no I don’t. Last time I checked you can’t kick me out of the post office for having a crying baby.’ I continued to tell him that I was sorry she was crying & that I hadn’t intended to be there that long, but sometimes that happens…you know babies, they cry.

So, in case you didn’t know it’s against the rules to have a crying baby in public. And they can kick you out of the post office now if your kids don’t act like adults?

I finished my packaging & lucky me…he got to help me!! yeah!

As we walked to the counter miss livs settled a bit & he made some asinine comment that I can’t even remember through my rage.

After I finished paying for my goods I asked him to never address my children again. Because frankly, I hate his guts right now.

Then I topped it off with a ‘I’ll be sure she cries the entire time next time I’m here’

His reply about sent me to the roof…’i wouldn’t be surprised.’

as if my kids are the most rowdy on the earth.

mind you zack, sat quietly on the floor the entire time. AND these conversations took place in front of a line of 15 people. I was super bummed that no one else stood up for me. One guy did give me the ‘you go girl look’ which was appreciated, but seriously? No one?

My greatest accomplishment was walking away without a 4-letter tirade through the post office…I’m trying to nix that bad habit.

Instead, I’ve called to file a complaint at that post office, with their consumer affairs department & on ABC investigates.


And i’ve decided I have a heck of a lot more things to mail. Anyone want to come mail stuff with all your kids? {preferably after they’ve had about 10 juice boxes}

and i’m kind of serious….okay…actually I am really serious…want to come? 

You better believe the next time I’m in public and someone else is struggling with their children, and people start to talk. I will stand up. Someone has to.