From a mother to a mother…
From a daughter to a mother…
From a granddaughter to a grandmother…

Happy Mother’s Day!

I love my mom more than words can describe; she is my best friend. I love my grandma for being such a wonderful mother to my mother. I love my mother-in-law because she raised one heck of a son. I love all my sister/sister-in-laws who are raising wonderful role models for my children. I love my friends who parent diligently right beside me. And I love all those women who don’t have children, but yet still understand how difficult it is to raise a child and share the joys of a child succeeding. Mothers/women are wonderful.
The best part of mother’s day, is wonderful spouses who make sure we feel special and loved. I slept in, I didn’t change diapers, I didn’t give baths. I’m thinking this should be a monthly holiday, perhaps the second Sunday of every month. Since we have late church, Steve arranged with some other husbands to have a delicious breakfast: French Toast, fruit, cinnamon pull-apart bread, eggs and bacon. It was great, and they cleaned up after it as well.
I got cute little cards from the kids which I always file away in a special place to remember how little they once were. And believe it or not, I got exactly what I asked for as a gift…a compressor and nail gun. Yes, I really did ask for it.

You see four years ago when we first bought our home and we ripped out ever piece of moulding and baseboard…I wanted one really bad.

Three years ago when I was installing a chair rail in the kitchen…I really wanted one.

Two years ago when we were finishing the basement…I really wanted one.

One Year ago when we finished the bathroom downstairs…I really wanted one.

3 Months ago when we were installing bead board in the bathroom upstairs…I could think of nothing I could want more than a compressor and nail gun.

I’m now ready to build a bed…yes that’s correct…build a bed. And let me tell you, four years of telling my husband, “I promise, I really will use it” has finally paid off. I got it.
And it’s beautiful and bright and shiny. And it’s mine. I love my husband!