When Steve and I moved to Wisconsin four years ago we were considered to be in the “transient” phase. We were new college graduates, starting a new life, buying a new home, starting a family. Everything was unknown. We had our whole lives before us. We loved it. It was exciting, fun and new. We made friends quickly. You see, we moved into an area/ward with other transient families, medical and dental students. We shared a similar phase in life and families and we made some amazing friends. Life was sweet and wonderful.

However, as the word “transient” implies, no one stayed here for very long. I remember the first good friends that left. They were Kohls workers as well, and were moving on to another phase of their life. It was hard. They were our neighbors and we did everything with them.

But we made new friends, there are always new families moving to our area.

But then a group of friends left as they went to start their residency.  That was hard too.

I realized I didn’t like making friends with this transient group, although we have some amazing friends who are here for a while longer.  It is too hard to say goodbye, and it will be even harder to say goodbye with the friends who have been here for a while, who we’ve really grown to love.

So, as a solution to my problem. I decided I would start making friends with people who were brand new, and I knew that they had four years ahead of them in Wisconsin. I would meet new people, ask how long they were here for, and then determine if I wanted to get emotionally involved.  Two years ago, a new girl arrived who was a brand new resident, Nicole. She was funny, clever and even better she was crafty. Golden!!

So we formed a friendship. Our kids played well together. We’d make trips to hobby lobby, fabric stores and costco. She was my crafting buddy.

But you see our streak abruptly ended. Although they thought they would be in Wisconsin for a while, they took a residency in Detroit, so they were just here for his intern year. I was crushed. My system failed me.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard she would be making a return to the area for a couple days during spring break. She camped at our house for the duration and it was awesome. We crafted our hearts out. Hobby lobby made a guest appearance. Shopping. Girls night out. And more crafting. Of course her visit just wasn’t long enough to get in everything we wanted. But that just means she’ll need to make another visit! 🙂

Sadly enough I never caught a picture of Nicole. But I managed to snap a few of the kids.