I have a few items that I simply love. I find myself thinking about these items often and my admiration grows with each passing day. This item just happens to be one of them…
Sprig Discover Rig (http://www.amazon.com/Sprig-Toys-A8001-Discover-Rig/dp/B001BERBL0)

When I worked at Pottery Barn Kids, we had one of these on display. It seemed every kid that would walk past it would start pushing it and they were caught off guard as it started talking to them. All the kids got a kick out of it. So, we gave one to Hunter for his first birthday and he’s loved it. He walks around with this thing a lot. I find him trying to get it up the stairs, frustrated and crying with all his might. And he just throws it down the stairs when he’s ready to play in the basement.

A few of things I love:
There are no batteries! However, if a child walks around with it it starts talking to you. It has an internal generator that starts when the wheels start moving. It’s genius!
There is a little guy that plugs in through a USB port and he gives you a tour. You can purchase other guys to plug in and they each give a different tour. (Himalyan, African, Amazon)
You can play with the rig with the handle on or off.
It’s very durable, it’s not made of flimsy plastic.

I would highly recommend this toy. However, this is not a toy that helps a child learn to walk, it will tip over. It’s for a more advanced walker who needs a little entertainment!