Steve is 29!! (as of yesterday!)
He is the best husband/friend/father/brother anybody could ask for. On Sunday I came across a piece of paper that Hallie had filled out with her teacher at church about Steve for Father’s day. I just about died laughing and yes, I laughed out loud! Hallie is one smart cookie!!

How tall is dad? Super Big
How much does dad weigh? Really Heavy
What is dady’s middle name? I don’t know
What is dad’s favorite color? Blue
What is dad’s job? Kohl’s
What does dad like to do for fun? I don’t know
What is dad’s favorite food? Everything
What is dad’s favorite tool? No tools. Just mommy’s.
What does dad like to spend his money on? He pays on everything
What is dad’s favorite movie? How to train a dragon (The last movie they saw together!)

Who is dad’s favorite superhero? He doesn’t have any. Mommy has Mr. Incredible.
What is your favorite thing to do with dad? Play games
What do you love most about dad? Play with him

We love you Steve!