We just returned from our annual pilgrimage to Idaho.

Steve promised my parents over 4 years ago when he was moving their sweet little granddaughter halfway across the country that he would make sure we came back for a visit 3 times a  year. Steve now admits that was very foolish on his part, because if he thought my mom would forget that he was sorely mistaken. However, 3 times a year just doesn’t fit in the budget.

But once a year for three weeks does fit!

And in true Kara fashion, I’ve got pictures up the wazoo documenting our stay with my family, then Steve’s family, and my family reunion.

We had some difficulties with flights to Idaho, missed our connection, showed up in Boise a few hours late and our luggage and car seats were no where to be found. I left the airport that afternoon tired, frustrated with my children from flying all day, and angry that our luggage wasn’t going to joining us for a while.

It was a good start to the trip! What’s funny is the fact that every time I fly I swear I’ll never do it again by myself.  And then when we analyze how much time Steve can take off to join us I realize it’s never long enough and I’ll have to fly alone. So I send my apologetic looks to every person I can make eye contact with as Hunter throws yet another fit and screams at the top of his lungs. Classy.

Our luggage arrived just 24 hours after we landed and was delivered to our doorstep. Once we had our luggage I was able to relax (take a shower and put on clean clothes!!) and start what would become an awesome trip.

Our first stop was a science museum in Boise that our reciprocal pass was good for. I had been there many times as a child for field trips. However, with all the school groups attending, my mom had never been there. She was more fun to watch than Hallie at times.

The kids did a great job and loved that they could touch anything their little heart desired unlike most stores we go into! I’m half tempted to get one of these fun light tables, the kids really enjoyed it.

But Steve would kill me.
After I was dead, he’d probably throw the table out the window.
Then the kids would see that their dad had a temper.
It would ruin their relationship.
They wouldn’t run to the door and greet him anymore.
It would be sad.

On second thought I don’t think I will ever consider getting this super duper,  uber cool table.

Next up: Bubbles, Horses, Sprinklers, Old Friends, Lakes, Family, Fourth of July, More Family, Sports, Fireworks and so much more. Stay tuned…