Today I spent all day in the kitchen. I had 14 lbs of ripe tomatoes and 7 large zucchini on my counter that just needed a little attention.

I started the day with canning. 10 pints of diced tomatoes. Check.

Next, a fresh batch of salsa. Tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lime, cilantro, garlic, cumin. Check.

Then off to grating zucchini. A double batch of zucchini bread. Check.

To top it off, we were feeding the missionaries tonight.

So mesquite chicken in the crockpot. Check.

I had two little helping hands that just loved the idea of being in the kitchen with mom. So they pulsed the tomatoes in the processor. They taste tested the salsa multiple times. And Hunter managed to man handle a whole loaf of bread on his own. Most of it was on the floor. Quite a bit in his belly. And a tiny smidgen left on the counter.

All in all a productive day. Very fruitful!

However, with that many kitchen projects I spent a lot of time cleaning. I washed a lot of pans and dishes. Tomato off of flours. Bread smashed to the chairs. I definitely have dishwater hand this evening.

I’m tired. Really.
It’s almost midnight and I just walked upstairs to get something and noticed that all the dishes from dinner are still on the counter. The most devastating sight. I just can’t do it tonight. It’ll just have to wait until morning.