Bob and Virginia were over last night and we were talking about someone we know mutually who was going through a divorce.

So you can imagine what Steve’s dreams were about last night.

In the wee hours of the morning I feel his hand on my back. In a panicked voice I hear, “Kara, I just had a dream that you left me. Can I hold you for a minute.” Dazed and a little confused I hug him, still not sure if I’m the one who is dreaming.

Fast forward a couple hours…

Steve is leaving for work and right before he leaves he comes into the bedroom where I’m enjoying a nice little sleep-in. He wakes me to say prayers and he explains how awful his dream was. It really shook him.

He asked what I was doing today. I had nothing significant.

He suggested I go shopping. I could buy whatever I wanted. Now I’m really confused because I must be dreaming. He was serious.

I know deep down that I should’ve capitalized on his emotions today and come home with the couch I’ve been teasing him with. I halfheartedly thought about it. I wasn’t sure if his shock from the dream would wear off by the end of a working day, only to come home and find a couch I know he would flip out about. I decided not to press my luck.

He came home from work and asked what I bought. Bananas, grapes, diapers, detangling spray, cheese. He asked if I bought anything for me. Nothing.

He was still in his overly loving, gushing mood. The couch would’ve worked today!