Sadly I was not in attendance at Man-cation 2010, so there are no pictures to tell this story. A little imagination could go a long way…here we go.

The idea was formulated months ago when Steve suggested that two of his brothers fly out to Milwaukee for a cubs game while their families were visiting other family members. Two brothers turned into three brothers, two brother-in-laws and his dad. And so Man-cation 2010 was born, this I’m sure was the first of many to come.

They all flew in for a long weekend and all stayed at Bob’s house. They went down to Chicago and enjoyed a Cubs game, downtown Chicago, deep dish pizza and a movie.

The next day they woke up early and enjoyed 18 holes of golf, a Pothier style BBQ, a few naps in the afternoon only to be topped off that evening with a trip to the lake for boarding/skiing and lessons in “surfing”.  Of course, following many trips to the lake, a stop at 5 Guys for some fatty burgers and fries from Idaho.

After two days of fun, day three was just recovery. Bodies were aching and tired. I’m sure it took most their strength and energy to board the plane going home. Steve came home and crashed. He slept and slept. Clearly – too many late nights and pillow talks with brothers.

But none the less a great time. Good conversation, tasty food, fond memories.

It kills me that not one of them had a camera.


It’s a good thing they’re all married to wonderful women who document their lives!