Hallie has been really concerned with flooding homes, due to her traumatic experience with our own home. She will see friends, or random people and ask if their house flooded. When I tell her we’ve lost something, her first reaction is one of sadness, “Oh. It went away with the flood, huh!?” No it didn’t.

So it should come as no surprise that the following conversation took place:

Hallie: Mom, the little mermaid’s house flooded didn’t it?
Kara: No, what makes you think her house flooded.
Hallie: Have you seen how much water is in her house. It’s overflowing. There’s so much water, she has to swim everywhere, even in her bedroom…but the flood didn’t get my room did it?
Kara: No, the flood didn’t touch your bedroom. And the little mermaid’s house didn’t flood either.
Hallie: Yes it did mom, I saw pictures.

I didn’t even argue at this point.