Once upon a time, I came across the coolest website; www.knock-offwood.blogspot.com (which has now been switched to www.ana-white.com). The website had step-by-step instructions on how to build countless pieces of furniture, to resemble those of Pottery Barn. I was in heaven and the wheels started turning. Steve quickly shot me down. “Not until you finish all the projects in the house.” He likes to throw out the caveat because he knows I will never be done with projects in the house. Once I get close, I just start re-doing, what I’ve already done.

I’m sure Steve thinks I’m a little handy-capable, fairly handy – yet somewhat capable! What can I say, I’m the project queen.

So I didn’t start the bed right away, but I wanted to. Every couple days I’d pull up the site and look through the plans yet again. I did this for 5 months! That shows some restraint my friends. I’m normally not that disciplined. But I was really waiting for the approval of my husband. Why his approval you wonder? No he doesn’t help in the process, but he has to live in a home that is neglected for a week. I really try to shelter him from the mess, but sometimes, especially on a project of this magnitude it is just not possible.

So once I got the green light, (green light meaning he didn’t argue as much as he used to about the project) I went full speed ahead. I altered the plans a bit to my liking and purchased all my wood. This proved to be the most difficult task. Buying good quality wood was not easy. Most wood was split or crooked and it was frustrating to sift through piles and piles of wood to find one piece that would work. Definitely my least favorite part of the project.

After the wood was purchased everything went well. I was able to use my mother’s day gift: nail gun and compressor which made me feel powerful! It did get difficult as I built the headboard; it just became too large and heavy to move by myself. But luckily I had some great friends that were able to assist me as needed!
After a week and a half (and just two days before I left for Idaho) I was able to put the bed together in our room. What a rewarding feeling. I won’t lie, I was a tad worried to sleep on it the first night because I feared I did something wrong and the whole thing might come crashing down on me. But I’m happy to report my worries were gone the next morning when I awoke, and the bed was still standing. YEAH!

Steve will admit, although he fought me on the bed, he too really loves it. What a much needed upgrade from our previous metal frame!

So, just as the bookshelf a while back was confidence builder, so was the bed. I’m ready for something else. Perhaps some nightstands, with drawers.