Hunter is a daddy’s boy 100%.  If dad is in the room, I do not exist.

So, having Steve around for the last three weeks has been heaven for him. They pal around together outside doing yard work, watching football on Saturdays, eating together in the kitchen, and he always demands Steve unbuckle him in the carseat…every…single…time!

The other morning, bright and early, I hear Hunter in his crib. “Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy…” This goes on for quite a while. Not wanting to get out of bed, but realizing we had company who could also hear his desperate cries, I hopped out of bed and entered his room. As soon as I set foot in his room and he got a good look at me, he says, “I want daddy.” Of course, he didn’t ask/beg for daddy, but he wants him.

So the next morning was no different. Bright and early I hear the same cries. I roll over and wake Steve, “Hunter is up and I’m positive he really wants you.”