Things that made me smile today:

1. Watching Boise State work their magic against LA Tech.

2. Sampling the Tandoori Naan flatbread at Costco, walking out with not one but two packages and then thoroughly enjoying the pizza we made with it tonight.

3. Watching/listening to Hallie’s exhausted breakdown this afternoon, it was comical.
Hunter was sitting with me on the couch and I was feeding him a banana. Meanwhile, Hallie was crying that she wasn’t tired and didn’t want to go to bed.
Kara: If you’re not tired than why are you crying?
Hallie: Because Hunter is bigger than me, and I want to be bigger.
Kara: Hunter is not bigger, he’s three years younger than you, he’s little.
Hallie: No, he’s bigger. He’s eating in the living room and I can’t.
Kara: I’m sitting with him, and I’m feeding him…
Hallie: (large tears are now rolling down cheeks) Well, he’s still eating in here and he’s not even spilling. I always spill, and he’s not. I want to be bigger than him!

I had to laugh. I had no response. She was definitely tired!

4. Listening to Hallie and Hunter excitedly talk to Steve tonight on the phone.

5. Seeing the update during the Broncos game that the Heat lost to the Celtics!