Our little man is TWO!

As much as I love a good party, it’s also good to have a low-key birthday, and that’s exactly what we did. Late church on Sunday + no nap for the two year old = shortest, smallest birthday ever.

We had strawberry shortcake cupcakes, opened a few presents, talked with both sides
of grandparents on skype and went to bed a tired, yet happy camper!


This guy gives us a run for our money.

He typically doesn’t wake up very happy

He has to buckle himself in his carseat

He loves his shoes and insists on wearing them to nap time.

Still sleeps with white noise

His favorite toy – a car. Any car. Any color. It must have all four wheels!

Loves silky blankets

When he knows I’m upset he says, Sorry mommy, sorry.

Feeds himself for every meal – breakfast is my least favorite to clean up after.

His choice of outdoor toys – if he’s by himself = Little Coupe Car, with Hallie = trampoline

He does not like juice or soda but he makes some great faces when he does drink it

Found his little voice and he’s a chatter box most the time, however still hard to understand much of the time.

Doesn’t eat a whole lot of sugar cereal and was beside himself when he got lucky charms for his birthday bucket, he ate four bowls one morning.

Loves to sing – at home, in the car, at nursery

Whenever he gets in trouble, he gets a really sad face and cries for Hallie of all people!

Has a hard time in the morning while Hallie is at school, still trying to find his groove

Could watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse all day long

Screams “Pizza, Pizza” every single time we drive by Little Ceasers

Is quite the tantrum king. He throws himself so hard I’m legitimately concerned about head injuries

Anytime he hears the word “clean-up” he starts to sing the clean-up song

Gets far more excited to see his dad than his mom

Loves food- any and all. He’s our little garbage disposal, and he eats a lot!

Is great at getting his haircut. 

My favorite is right before he goes to bed he gives me a few pats on my cheek and says, I love you mommy.