We’re alive. Again.

Sickness is gone, and we’re finally starting to catch up. Kind of. It doesn’t help that this time of the season we all normally fall behind in most things so we’re trying to play double catch up. I’m hopeful this week will be semi-productive. Of course I want it to be completely productive, but then I feel as though I’m setting myself up for failure. So semi-productive is the goal.

But we’re adjusting well in Arizona. I’m realizing with each passing day more things that we left in Milwaukee that I wish I could have access to. Things I’m not willing to buy again because once we do have our stuff I definitely don’t want two of them. But so far we’re making it work. The only thing I’m really kicking myself for is not bringing the nice stroller. We didn’t dare take it on the plane because we all know how gentle they handle items like strollers, so we left it behind. I long for it most days. Dang.

Hallie keeps remembering things she also wishes we had from home. Which then gets her thinking about our home which we’ve yet to sell.

I was putting groceries away the other day. Typically I put the majority of our food down stairs in our storage room because the kitchen just wasn’t big enough. Hallie says to me:

“Mom, you know why someone is going to want to buy our house? Because we have two full rooms of food, and they’re going to think that’s really cool, they’ll want to buy it.” 

I replied, “Hopefully. But you know that when we sell the house, they’ll pack up all of our food and bring it here.” 

She looked a little concerned. “But mom, I don’t think there’s enough room for all that food here. Nana doesn’t have rooms of food like we do.”