Yes, we are well over half way through and this is the first picture I’ve taken of this pregnant belly. Just goes to show you get lazy the more kids you have!
We found out a while ago we will be welcoming another boy into the family. I went into the appointment with a very open mind. I was happy with either since we have one of each. But the minute I heard, “it’s a boy” I suddenly realized I did have an opinion as to what I wanted, and I wanted a girl!! Another boy jumping off furniture? More cuts and bruises? What about the sweet girl who quietly plays with her dress-up? I wanted another one of those.

And I knew how bad Hallie was wanting a sister. Right before we left for the appointment I was talking with her about it and she had very sound reasoning for wanting a sister. “First of all mom, I already have a brother, but I don’t have a sister. And Hunter doesn’t even let me put bows in his hair, my sister would.”

Probably so.

When we picked Hallie up and told her the news, she ran into Steve’s arms and gave him a big hug. And then she didn’t let go. For a long time. Steve pulls her away and she is sobbing. Really sobbing. Uncontrollably.  This was nothing a treat was going to fix. It crushed me. I felt her pain. I wanted more than anything for her to be close in age to a sister, but it just didn’t work out that way. So after about 15 minutes of consoling and talking, she finally settled down. We convinced her she would get her own room and Hunter would forever share a room. She liked that idea. I tried telling her a sister would just try and steal her makeup and clothes but she didn’t really understand that side of sisterhood! Instead she understood that she was going to be my shopping partner and nobody else. She liked that. So did I.

So all those adorable dresses that are packed away in pink bins will sit for yet another couple years perhaps. And yes, we do have plenty of little boys clothes as well, unfortunately they are in the complete opposite season than what we will need, but we’ll make it work somehow!

Steve couldn’t have been happier about the news. He’s been pulling for a boy ever since he found out we were pregnant! And just to set the record straight, Steve’s got what he wanted for each child. No joke. Here’s how it played out:

First child: I really wanted a boy, a protector for the family. Steve wanted a girl/babysitter.
Steve won.

Second Child: I really wanted a girl for Hallie to be close to her sister. Now that Steve has his babysitter he’s done with the girls and wants a boy to throw the football with.
Steve won.

Third Child: I thought I didn’t care, but evidently I was pulling for a girl for Hallie, one last shot at having her semi close in age to a sister. Steve wanted a wrestling buddy for Hunter.
Steve won.

Steve thinks he’s pretty cool because he keeps getting what he wants. The jokes on him: If he gets to choose the sex of the child, I get to choose how many!