Since moving back to Arizona Steve has a new restaurant obsession (besides In & Out)…Tia Rosas. It’s mexican food – it’s great and Steve is in heaven. While my sister was visiting we went to check out the Temple lights and then hopped in the car to go out to dinner afterwards.

Hallie: Where are we going to go eat?
Steve: Tia Rosa’s (in his best mexican accent)
Hallie: But what is it really called?
Steve: Tia Rosa’s (yet again with a great accent)
Hallie: (very frustrated) Dad, stop it. What is the name of the restaurant?
Steve: (without any accent whatsoever) Tia Rosa’s

Kaytlin who is in the backseat with Hallie notices she’s now crying.

Kaytlin: Hallie what’s the matter?
Hallie: I just want to know the name of the restaurant?
Kaytlin: Your daddy told you the name, it’s Tia Rosas.
Hallie: (frustrated and now with an elevated voice) I don’t speak spanish, stop talking in code. 

Steve, Kaytlin and I are now trying to contain the giggles.

Steve: Hallie, we’re going to eat at Aunt Rose’s.
Hallie: (Still crying) But I don’t even know where that’s at.