I’m not a big fan of kids making messes. Yes it may be fun for them, but the clean up/staining can be torturous.

Call me a crazy mean mom, but I don’t give my kids a plate full of spaghetti and sauce when they’re a year old. I don’t let them have syrup on their waffles/pancakes until they’re much older. I prefer drinks to stay in cups with lids. And yes I like to purchase dye free popsicles, they’re white and they’re genius.

However, when it comes to beaters, I’m a sucker. Of course they can lick the beaters. Yes it will be messy. It will be all over their face and hands, and half of it always ends up in the hair for some reason. I think it goes back to my childhood when my mom would make a certain “marshmallow frosting” (which contained no marshmallows, but enough egg whites to replicate it!) for our birthday cakes. When it was your birthday you got first dibs on the bowl and beaters and it was a delicious sticky mess. It seemed as though you had to use every last finger to make sure the beaters were completely clean.

So when Steve’s mom offered up the frosting beaters to Hallie and Hunter I couldn’t refuse. I half wished there was a third beater so I could join in their fun and excitement.
Instead, I watched them take the first couples licks with huge grins across their faces. Then of course I noticed frosting was ending up more on the ground than in their mouths so I suggested they savor their treat outside.

They sat on the steps next to each other in pure delight.

It made me wish it was my birthday as a kid!